Equipment Types

There are two variants of Equipment, Armor and Weapons

  • Equipment that can be worn as clothing on a player. There are many kind of Armor Equipment like Upper Armor, Lower Armor, Back pack, Socks, Shoes, Hat, Hat Acc, Chest Acc and Face.
  • Equipment that can be used to melee attack ,cause damage and also Acc on the hand. For Equipment Weapons only divided into two, Left hand and Right Hand.

To use (equip) an item simply double-click that item or drag that piece of equipment from your inventory to the appropriate place in the equipment window. If you meet the minimum requirements for that item it will be equipped on your character and you will be immediately see it and get the bonuses from it.


All equipment has certain minimum requirements a player character must reach before it can use that item.

  • Both weapons and armor have job and job level requirements. Only players with the appropriate job and job level will be able to use those items.
  • Many armor items also have gender (Male or Female) requirements. A player character can only use items that are made for their gender or items that are marked Unisex, which can be used by either gender.

All equipment has a durability rating. Durability represents items decay from use. Over time, as Equipment is used it will lose durability. Equipment that has lost durability can be repaired with the correct repair kit.


Equipment can be enhanced with increased attribute bonuses. The degree of the bonus increase is based on the number of times an item has been enhanced. This is a must-have service for players that can afford the fee and catalyst items. • Not all of Equipment can be incused. The equipment which can be incused is Upper Armor and Weapon Shield