PVP Battle

ECO New World is an MMORPG game that uses PvP as one of the advantages. All the players can be fair without having to insult one another player. As we know, PvP is Player vs Player which is a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game between two or more live participants. PvP can be widely used to describe any game, or aspect of the game, where players compete with each other. PvP is often controversial when used in role-playing games. In most cases, there is a big difference in ability between experienced players and beginners. PvP can even encourage experienced players to immediately attack and kill inexperienced players. So, in this game we put this feature in order to create an attractive atmosphere for all the players.


These special creatures have forms monsters mixed with humans. Each of them is unique and can react to player's actions. They have powerful skills in battle that is useful for player.

Catty are pets similar like cat which like to hover around the character's shoulders. Catty's skill helps players to fight.

They will help you move faster, and they also helpful in battle

This pets likes to follow players around and can guard your Airship.


Golem has a function to help you sell items and gathering items in certain maps, the golem is obtained when marionette transforms into vending for players without having to take the job merchant. Golems make it easy for ordinary players to buy and sell between players.


Airship features enables player to have house in the form of Flying Garden. You can customize your house with unique furnitures to show off to other players. You can freely create in your airship!

Knights Training
Prepare Yourself !

Knight Training is an arena that is provided to defend the character fraction (Nation vs Nation (NvN)).There are 4 factions, namely North, South, East and West. Characters will be given awards according to the contribution made to their faction.


When golems gather to sell, an area is called a market. The more golems, the more crowded the market will be.