User Interface
How to move the character

Left-click to make your character move

How to attack monster

Pointed the cursor to the monster until the sword icon appears then left-click to attack the monster.

How to take drop item

When the monster dies, they will drop an item, to take the item pointed the cursor and left-click the Item.

How to talk with NPC

Pointed the cursor to NPC then left-click

How to use macro

Wear the skill or equipment on the Macro Window, then to active the macro with press F1 and so on

Left Click
  • Left-click to move the character, take the item, talk to NPC
  • Hold left-click until the cursor turned into dark green, it’ll make the character moved automatically
Right Click
  • Hold right-click to rotate the camera
  • Right-click twice to reset camera view
  • Right-click on the NPC to open option menu
  • Right-click on the character to open character option menu
  • Right-click on the other players to open their option menu and also to add friends
Scroll Click
  • Scroll to zoom in and zoom out camera view
  • Pointed the cursor to the monster or player then scroll-click to see their HP Bar
Shift + Right Click
  • Hold shift then left-click to rotate the position of character
  • Other than left-click, you also be able to move the character with arrow key
  • Click ESC to Log Out shortcut
+ A Shortcut for Status Bar
+ Q Shortcut for Equipment Bar
+ W Shortcut for World Map
+ T Shortcut for Screen Shoot
+ Y Shortcut for Quest information Bar
+ I Shortcut for Item / inventory
+ O Shortcut for Option Bar
+ S Shortcut for Skill Bar
+ F Shortcut for Friend list Bar
+ L Shortcut for Advertisement
+ Z Shortcut minimize HP,MP,SP,EXP Bar
+ N Shortcut for make an Advertisment
+ M Shortcut for Map