Emil chronicle online is a cute Japanese Anime MMORPG with stunning art design which brings you into the world of Anime. You can customize your characters with many accessories and pet suitable for anime lovers and experiences a thrilling adventures in the world of Acronia.

The rebirth of Emil Chronicle Online is made for the purpose of their fans and anime game lovers who enjoys casual RPG interactions with strong fun community. We recall those who enjoys the game before and even new players who enjoy Anime style game. Find your love and romantic story accompanies with cute pet and mounts in the beautiful world of Acronia.

Server Interface

Before entering the game there will be an interface like in the picture above, you will be asked to enter your ID and Password first to start the game.

Make a Character

Before playing the game you will be asked to create your character, here you can create your character and customize it. You can customize the hairstyle, face, hair color, gender and race to your liking. You can also create more than 1 characters on each of your ID.

Start The Game

The first time you enter the game, you will meet Tita. Come closer to Tita and she will start talking to you and teleport you to the next map to a short Tutorial Story.

Start The Game

After you reach the next map, talk to the Commander. After you leave that room, Tita will come to you again and help you fight the DEM to get out from that MAP. Go talk to Tita again in the next map to continue the Tutorial.

Start The Game

You will be teleported again by Tita to Starting House, go outside and meet Emil. He will help you to explain a little bit about How to Move, talk, use map, attack monster, log out and how to move item. When you’re done, he will tell you to go to Airship using rope behind him and talk to Masha.

After arriving at the Airship, you need to talk to Masha and go inside her Airship. Talk to little creature called Momonga to get a Failed Product, and give that to Masha and she will take you to Acropolis.

Start The Game

Talk to Emil again and he will give you the last Tutorial. Finish his task first before going to Acropolis city center.

Start The Game

Congratulations, you finished the Tutorial and finally arrived at UPTOWN. Don’t forget to talk to NPC Chocora for more detailed information about gameplay.