User Interface
LOG IN window
  • A : column to enter the game ID by filling out your email that has been registered
  • B : column to enter the password
  • Bar to see information about status of blood points, magic point, stamina point, engage point, and EXP that earned by the player.
Chat box

The purpose of the icon above is to turn off and turn on the function of every icon/button on the Chat box.

  • Open : To display or talk globally on the bubble chat above player’s head, it only works when there are players talking nearby or on the same map
  • Party : It will be pop up when you made a party and only the party’s member can read it, the other players who don’t join the party cannot read the conversations that you have and there is no bubble chat display. Only the party members that can read it through chat box.
  • Ring : Chat will be pop up when we had a ring, chat only appear on the chat box, bubble chat also will not appear. Only ring’s member those can read it through chat box.
  • Whisper :

    The display will pop up as above, this chat is personal chat between you and the player you are whispering to. Only you both can read and reply through whisper box.

  • Chatroom : In here, the player be able to chat with others as long they’ve joined in this chat. Special box will be pop up to starting the conversation
  • System : To displayed any information in game such like EXP gained, player status gained, amount of gold and certain status.
Chat bar
  • A : To write a chat
  • B : To open motion feature
Macro Window

Macro window is useful to help the players using their skill or item inside the inventory instantly by installing one of the icons on the macro window and press F1 to activate the macro.

Panel Bar

In here, the player will be provided a panel bar which helps the player to access status, inventory, skill, equipment, item mall, option, event, etc.

Element Bar

This bar is useful to show what element are contained or being used by the player.

  • A : Element contained in the player’s body
  • B : Element contained in the player’s weapon

Inventory window is useful to saving the item and to see the amount of gold that the player has.

  • A : To see where is the item saved like Body, Right, Left, Back. Note : Especially for Right, Left and Back you need an item in order to use this feature
  • B : Player be able to access Trash Can Window through Inventory Window without clicking the Trash Can.
  • C : Useful to filtered the item inside the inventory.
  • D : To show the amount of item you bring and also the amount of gold.
Equipment Bar

Equipment bar assists the player to understand what item that they equipped. To equip an item you need to double-click items that you want to equip in the inventory box.

To discharged items from the equipment bar, the player needs to double-click on the item that installed on the Equipment bar and the item will be moved to Inventory Box.

Status Bar

Status bar assists players to raise the status on their character and also to see the improvement progress on the player.

  • A : That icon helps the player to raise the status they wanted and there is amount of point that must be used to increased that status.
  • B : is the amount of point that every player has. The point will be increased when they successfully level up.
  • C : Icon to show more details information about the player’s status.
Skill Bar

The skill bar is useful to show the amount of player’s point that they need to take a new skill. The skill bar also shows the skill description.

  • A : The red circle is the indicator point that every player gets when they Level UP JOB EXP. After the player level up 3 times, the amount of skill point will be increased.
  • B : Indicator amount of skill point that the player obtained
  • C : Icon to learn a skill, every time you learn a skill the amount of skill point will be decreased by 1. To Level up a skill, it only needs to decrease 1 red circle.

Note : Anytime player’s level up only obtained 1 point, to increased amount of skill point need 3 points

Exit, WEB, Option ,Screen shot Bar

This bar located in the upper right of the window

  • A : Icon to helps the Player to go to ECO New World website.
  • B : To open Screen shoot feature
  • C : Icon to minimize ECONW window, accessed game option and log out from the game.
Log out Bar

Log out bar can be accessed from Exit bar, and also can be accessed with ESC Key.