[events] ECO Shopaholic


Duration :

From 18 February 2021 until 4 March 2021


How to join the event :

  1. Have ECONW account.
  2. Top-up Ecoin. 


Event Details :

  1. Players who qualify for this event are players who have reached a predetermined minimum accumulated top up.
  2. Players who do not reach the predetermined minimum accumulation will not be included in the list of potential winners.
  3. There’s 5 tier of rewards that you can get.
  4. Tier 1: Top-up 50 Ecoin (Accumulated)

Tier 2: Top-up 100 Ecoin (Accumulated)

Tier 3: Top-up 250 Ecoin (Accumulated)

Tier 4: Top-up 500 Ecoin (Accumulated)

Tier 5: Top-up 1000 Ecoin (Accumulated)

  1. The rewards can only be claimed once per account.

How to redeem the reward:

Rewards will be able to claim after the event ended.

Rewards list:


1. You can only choose one of the sets for top-up 500 Ecoin rewards.

Claim Shopaholic Reward at NPC NPC Cherrly’s Kamishibaiya (uptown)