[events] ECONW Discordgraphy Event








Event Timeline

20 July 2020 – 1 August 2020

Event Details

Show your existence on ECO New World. Screenshot and post on discord channel #event-discordgraphy and get Emilian CBT Box! 

kindly check the tutorial below :

  1. Join the official ECO Discord:
  2. Player post 1 photo on #event-discordgraphy
  3. Add IGN: ex. (TinyMee)
  4. The reward (Emilian CBT Box) can be redeemed in OBT.
















Event Term & Rules 

1.    Players are required to join the official ECO Discord to take a part in this event.

2.    Free to post a screenshot of your character in game (ECO NW) to #event-discordgraphy

3.    Allowed to take a picture with the other players in game (group)

4.    Type down your IGN(case sensitive). 1 IGN = 1 post (if you take a picture with other players, you only allowed to add your IGN)

5.    1 Discord account only allowed to post ONCE during the event running.

6.    All the players those following this event and already posted to our Discord Channel will get a reward

7.   Everyone is a winner in this event.

8.    The reward is Emilian CBT Box which can be redeemed when OBT.

9.    Emilian CBT Box contained Mobile Phone accessories (which only appears during ECO Photograph Event), Arm Watch, Facefitting Lite and Winter Hair Color

10.   All the rewards within Emilian CBT Box will be obtained by CHANCE (only get one of four available rewards)


Event Reward

Emilian CBT Box