[events] CM Alviss Event! Party Fight!

CM Alviss Event (Party Fight!)


Start at 20 March 20:00 GMT+8

How to join the event:

  1. List your party IGN at cm-event-alviss channel at discord.

Event Details:

  1. Each party will fight at the destination map until one party remain.

  2. After you die you will not be able to go back into the map until the next session. Ressurection is allowed, but if your name turn white you will considered as dead. 

  3. Each session time limit is 10 minutes. After 10 minutes all player need to gather at CM alviss to fight till one party remain. If the player not gather, they will be consider disqualified at that session.

  4. Only IGN who listed at cm-event-alviss discord who is consider as participant.

  5. Party who found using other IGN that not listed will be disqualified for that session.

  6. To win, the party need to win 2 session.

  7. Party who already won 2 session don’t need to join another session.

  8. We will take 3 party as a winner.

  9. The event will still start even if your member can't join.

  10. No skill ban.

  11. Remember to enjoy the game.

How to redeem the reward:

  1. Rewards will be distributed by CM Alviss.
  2. Fame ring will be given to one ring only per party.
  3. Participation reward will be given at the time of MT.
  4. For Reward D of stamp rewards, per party member will be able to choose one reward (not including the papa booster).


  1. Rank 1
    Fame Ring (1000)
    Gold 20.000.000
    Reward D of Stamp Rewards (Choose one) not including the papa booster. each party member can choose one.

  2. Rank 2
    Fame Ring (800)
    Gold 16.000.000

  3. Rank 3
    Fame Ring (500)
    Gold 10.000.000

  4. Participation Reward
    100.000 for each player who registered

check stamp D rewards at here: Stamp D reward