[events] CM Munchkin Event

Emblem rush CM Munchkin Event

Duration: Start at 26 & 27 March KT time

How to join the event:
1.anyone can join by participating KT

Event Details:
1. Each who Participates must join either the east, west, or south faction (don't join north)
2. CM Munchkin will defend the North emblem.
3. To win, destroy the north emblem before other players do so
4. General rules and disabled skills will be the same as the usual KT.
5. There will only be 4 winners per event.
6. If you've already destroyed an emblem once, destroying it again will yield no additional rewards.

How to redeem the reward:
1. Rewards will be distributed by CM Munchkin.
2. Reward will be given at the time of MT.
3. For the Reward D of stamp rewards, each winner will be able to choose one reward (not including the papa booster).

Gold 2.000.000
Reward D of Stamp Rewards (Choose one) not including the papa booster.

Each winner can choose one. check stamp D rewards at here: Stamp Collection Reward