[events] Emilian Egg Hunters!

Event Duration : 1st April  – 15th April 2021


Event Details :

Easter has arrived! Immediately prepare yourself to collect Easter eggs which is in the treasure box, container and also in wooden box! You will meet NPC Kawaii Bunny, she will help you complete the required quests there. Come on, find out immediately! By the way, you also have the chance to get Eggstravaganza too which is an egg that contains the main prize of this event. Interesting right?

NPC Kawaii Bunny at Uptown (Stamp Area)


How To Join The Event :

  1. In this event, Emilian needs to hunting the eggs which is in the treasure box, container and wooden box
  2.  Collect 10 White Egg  Collect 10 Blue Candy  Collect 5 Pink Egg  
  3. You can collect the eggs to exchange it for Limited Items at NPC Kawaii Bunny (Stamp Area at Uptown)
  4. You have the opportunity to get an eggstravaganza  when hunting eggs  in treasure box, container and wooden box! Eggstravaganza  is extremely rare!
  5. You can also get free 1 White egg each day from NPC Kawaii Bunny (during  the event)
  6. All the item above are untradeable.
  7. All the rewards can only redeemed once per/account.
  8. Rewards exchange will be available till 22nd April 2021


Reward :