[events] ECO NW Streamer Program

Welcome Streamers and Content Creators!

If you happen to love playing games as well as streaming them, we have good news for you! 
Here in ECO NW, we have a partnership program that can aide avid players that also stream, as long as you've met the requirements below.

General Streamer Requirements:

  • Must be streaming on any of the following platforms:
    • Twitch
    • Facebook
    • Youtube

General Streamer Benefit : 

  • Get Streamer Roles on Our Discord Channel 
  • Post ECO NW Streaming link on our discord channel 
  • Get traffic from our audience 

Gold Streamer Requirements : 

  • All General Streamer Requirements
  • Download: ECO NW Stream Overlay
  • Must use ECO NW Stream Overlay
  • Must stream ECO NW 3 times a week for 2 hours or more
    1. You must consistently stream before and after getting partnered. 
    2. You must submit your weekly broadcast to ECOHeadCM on discord private message
    3. All broadcasts that you submit are subject for approval.
    4. Partners who fail to consistently stream will not receive their benefits in full.
    5. We reserve all the rights to reject / terminate anyone's partnership benefits.

Gold Streamer Benefit :

  • All General Streamer Benefit 
  • Streamer Costume ( will be given after 2 weeks joining and will be removed after inactive ) 
  • Streamer Support Package ( will be given on mid month and after 2 weeks joining  )  

Platinum Streamer Requirements : 

  • All General and Gold Streamer Requirements 
  • Have at least 300 followers 

Platinum Streamer Benefit: 

  • All General Streamer and Gold Streamer Benefit
  • Promotion Post on Our Facebook Page 
  • Get $25 per 1,000 views / month and Cap at $500 / month 
    Payment will be send after 30 days end of the month. ( January 2020 bonus will be send on 1 March 2020 ) and payment send by Paypal 

To Join our Streamer Program , join our discord :    , and Private Message CM Bubblegum