[events] ECO Songkran Festival


Duration : 15th -29th April 2021

NPC Duration (rewards redeem) : 15th April – 6th May 2021


Event & NPC Location : Tiny Island


NPC Name : Na Khristal


Detail Event :

NPC Na Khristal from Thailand will hold an Songkran Event at Tiny Island. NPC Na Khristal needs Emilian to kills some fish that located at Tiny Island.

These kind of fish are only killed by special weapon from NPC Na Khristal, the weapon is water-powered Riffel (Water Gun)


Event Rules :
1.  Go to Tiny Island

2. Find NPC Na Khristal. She will give you a Songkran’s t-shirt.

3. You need to buy any equipment to kill this monster at Tiny Island

4. You can also get the bullet from monster’s drop  (tradable)

5. Price of bullet : 100G & Price of Water Gun : 20.000G

6. Each account can only claim 1 item reward.

7.  Water Ballon that dropped from the monster is untradeable


How to get the rewards :
The monsters will dropped an item and you can exchange the item for the rewards in NPC Na Khristal

 (Water Balloon)


Rewards :