[events] Acronia Newcomer Event


Event Period:

20 May 2021 - 3 June 2021 (Duration: 14 Days)


Event Details :

Hi, Emilian!
Especially for NEW ID who register during the event period and can complete the following challenges, they will be entitled to a prize for that ID.


How to join the event :

  1. Create a new account / new ID (which has never been used to play ECO)
  2. Create a new character with any basic job.
  3. Do the leveling up lv 50.
  4. Top up until the end of the event period with a minimum accumulated 315 Ecoin
  5. You can claim all the rewards thru NPC Laurindee  ( at Uptown (near Princess Chunsoon)

Rewards :

Terms and Conditions :


  1. Character that get rewarded are new ID created during the event period (not valid for ID that register before the event period).
  2. Rewards can be claimed via NPC Laurindee at Uptown.
  3. The decision of the ECONW GM / CM is inviolable.
  4. Regulations can change at any time without prior notification.
  5. If the winner still doesn't get the prize above, please immediately confirm to the GM / CM ECO on duty via Discord.