[updates] The Voyage of Piyo Gacha Box I


Duration : 20th May - 27th May 2021

Gacha Box Details :

"Picnic time for Piyo
The little piyo are having a lovely time today
Watch them, catch them unawares
And see them picnic on their holida


You guys already know what's inside our Gacha IM this week! Yes, right! We present, The Voyage of Piyo Gacha Box I

You will not regret it if you get all the rewards!
Try your luck this week. Are you ready to this gacha?

Im sure you really want to get these following rewards such as Young Alma Cockko and Walking Cockko! Woaaahhh~
Don't worry, we give you a chance to get it. We also offer some adoreable items too in this gacha box.


Inside the box contains lots of items that you can get. 
But you can't choose what item you want because this box is a gacha

Here are the details of the costumes, pets, and accessories that you have the chance to get this week

*note : The rate for all prizes from Gacha Box LITE is random (can be smaller or bigger than normal Gacha)