[events] Bristle Boss Rusher


Event Duration : 3rd – 17th June 2021

Event Details :

Have you ever met this beautiful and graceful lady? Introducing this is Big Kyrie, really charming right? But be careful, she can attack you at any time if you don't have enough strength!

Prepare yourself for Big Kyrie!


How To Join The Event :


  1. Requirement Lv for the quest is Lv 70
  2. Before you meet Big  Kyrie, you need to collect 3 Blessful Keys, 3 Truly Orbs  and 3 Aurora Stones  


  1. You need to meet these 3 NPCs to get those items above. Here they are :
    -      Talk to NPC Galadriel at Maimai Island, she’ll give you some quest to get the Blessful Key
  • Talk to NPC Celeborn at Undead Castle, she’ll give you some quest to get the Truly Orb




  • Talk to NPC Legolas at Southern Dungeon, he will give you some quest to get the Aurora Stone
    *note : Emilian be able to finish all the quest from those 3 NPCs by oneself.


  1. After you collect all the items, we highly recommend for you to create a party which consist several players to help you fight Big Kyrie, because she’s so powerful! You can fight Big Kyrie alone but your chances of winning are very small! HAHAHA 


  1. You must appoint one representative or your party lead may hand over the Queen Key, World Orb, and Melody Stone to NPC Rivendale at Downton as a condition to bring you  to Big Kyrie.
     NPC Rivendale



  1. Big Kyrie will dropped randomly items such as Raven Feather , Griffyn Feather  and also Huffle Feather
  2. You can collect all the feathers to redeem for the rewards you need.
  3. Each feather that dropped by Big Kyrie has a different rate chance.
  4. All the items from those 3 NPCs on point 3 above are tradeable.
  5. All the items that dropped by Big Kyrie are untradable
  6. All the rewards can only redeemed once per/account