[events] A Slice of Summer Event


From 10 June until 1st July 2021


How to Join the event :

  1. NPC is located at Titania Beach
  2. Find NPC Tiny and NPC Na Khristal to start the Summer Event
  3. Help NPC Tiny when he’s tryin’ to build a stand on the beach
  4. When NPC Na Khristal back again, now it seems like she need a lot of preparation to open the stand. Talk to her to start the event.


How to Open Tiny’s stand

  • NPC Tiny needs 3 Mineral Water and 2 Apples
  • He will give you a reward and start to open the stand after you’ve helped him.


How to Open Na Khristal’s stand

  • Talk to NPC Na Khristal, she will ask for your help to bring the equipments that requested from some NPCs at Acronia City.
  • Name of the NPC and the location that mentioned by Na Khristal

Repair Tool from Junk Shopkeeper ( Junk Shop ), Jewelry Box fom Jewelry ( Jewelry Shop ), Multifunctional Fabric from Seamstress ( Seamstress’s house ), Wooden Box from Ranger Boy ( Tent ).

  • After collected all the equipments that requested by Na Khristal, she will start to open the stand.


Event + From NPC Tiny

  • Hint (Buy the item from NPC Tiny if there is an option in the NPC chat box then you will be able to start additional events from Tiny)
  • Hint event will started from NPC Tiny around the event area : Titania Beach Island, Tiny Island


How to get the rewards :

  • All monster on Tiny Island will dropped the item that can exchanged with the rewards on each NPC
  • Drop item is untradeable.
  • Every account only can claim the rewards once time,  except Blue Carp Flag (claim 3 times)
  • You can exchange this item  (Summer Pearl) for the rewards.


Reward Item Event List :