[events] Treasure Hunters


Event Duration :
22nd July – 29th July 2021 (extended)

Thursday - Sunday 16.00 PM (Uptown), 19.00 PM (Tiny Island), 22.15 PM (during KT) all in GMT +8 (Server Time) 

Monday - Wednesday 14.00 (Acronia Eastern Bridge16.00 PM (Uptown), 19.00 PM (Tiny Island), 22.15 PM (Attraction Zone) all in GMT +8 (Server Time) 


Event Details :
There are some treasures hidden by pirates in some maps! Come on, Emilian get the treasure and you won't regret what's inside!

1. Spawn amount of the treasures are randomly! Grab it fast!
2. There are 2 types of treasure, Golden Box  & Platinum Box that dropped by Golden Pururu & Mini Alviss
3. Golden Pururu will dropped Golden Box & Mini Alviss will dropped Platinum Box


Rewards :