[events] Pet Creators


Event Duration :
22nd July – 12th August 2021


Event Details :
Show off your skills to design your dream pet!

How To Join The Event :
1. Player must join the official Discord of ECO New World

2. There is will be an event channel “pet-creators”

3. Player need to send their artwork on that channel

4. Allowed to use : Any image editing program or drawn manually.
5. All artwork must be colorful
6. Submit your piece of artpiece with dimensions 
     1280x960 px or 1920x1080 px

7. If you want to use any equipment from ECO on your artwork.

    Please attach the name of the item (ex :  hair intro, costume, acc, weapon and etc

8 . Player need to using this format to send their artwork
   - Title of their artwork
   - Name of the equipments (you can use from ECO or you can design your own equipment)
   - In Game Name/ID


9. GM/CM will decided 3 winners and 1 favorite winner (most voting with heart emoji)

10. The winner announcement will posted on our official Discord & official Facebook Fanpage on 12th July 2021

Rewards :