[events] Gift Coupon

Duration : Valid until 30th September 2021

Redeem code rewards:
AN22KDCNWE / an22kdcnwe

How to redeem : 

1. Go to Uptown and talk to NPC Redemption Tiny

2. Emilian can redeem the gift code thru NPC Redemption Tiny
3. All the rewards can be redeemed once/account
4. Gift code valid until maintenance 30th September 2021

Rewards : 
1x Book of Insurance insurance book.png
1x Magic Crystal
1x Strength Crystal
1x Life Crystal
1x Critical Crystal
5x ECO Recovery Drink DLR

3x Happy Cake (scroll)

[Random chance] : 

Antena Hair Accessory

Tentacle Hair Accessory

French Braid Hair Acessory