[events] Point Collector Event

Duration : 16th - 30th September 2021

NPC Duration (rewards redeem) : 16th - 30th September 2021

Event & NPC Location : NPC on Uptown

NPC Name : Monster Point Collector


Detail Event :

Once upon a time, there was an NPC whose love for ‘points’ are just… unbearable. Having almost completed it’s collection, said NPC now faces a new predicatement, which is the new monster. Now, the NPC needs you to collect such points that can only be dropped by this particular new monster.


Event Rules :

1 Meet the NPC Point Collector to start the event.

2 The NPC can be located at the Uptown.

3 Talk to the NPC, and the NPC will tell you to collect point extracts from the monster.

4 The collected points can be exchanged into rewards from the NPC Point Collector.

5 Each account can only claim one item reward, except stamps, you can claim 3 times for stamps.

6 Those Point Extracts are untradeable.


How to get the reward :

The monsters will drop an item and you can exchange the item for the rewards in NPC Monster Point Collector.

Monster :


Drop item :
Extra Poin  
Extra Poin Bundle

Reward :

Stamp Random (  300 extra poin each stamp, for the 3rd one guarantee to get a boss stamp )

  •  stamp A,
  •  stamp B,
  •  stamp C,