[updates] Gacha Medal

Event Duration :

no expired date


How to join the event :
Hello Emilians, did you know that recently, whenever you opened a gacha box, you'd receive either a handful or lots of gacha medals at once depending on the type of the gacha box that you opened? They can now finally be traded at an NPC called the "Gacha Medal Collector"! you can find the NPC at Uptown. In the future, Gacha Medals can also be acquired through events, so be sure to join as much event as possible!

Talk to NPC Gacha Medal Collector at Uptown


Event Details :

  1. NPC Gacha Medal Collector will assist you to doing the gacha
  2. There are some option of the rewards that you will get
  3. You can obtain Gacha Medal  from IM Gacha/Event


Redeem the reward:
- 10 Gacha Medal = Gacha Box LITE (the newest gacha)  
- 20 Gacha Medal = Random Hair Color 

- 25 Gacha Medal = Random Face Fitting 

- 40 Gacha Medal = Random Hair Introduction 

- 75 Gacha Medal = Random Alma/Lore Box 

- 125 Gacha Medal = Alma/Lore Box (the newest gacha) guarantee 100%