[events] Halloween Madness Event

Event Period21st October - 4th November 2021


Event Details :

A witch attack Acronia World! She took the villager of this town hostage to be used as material for making spells that would be used to attack Acronia World!

Emilian must rescue the hostages as soon as possible!

*Note : this event is repeatable because there’s a chance for the rewards main prize - big prize


How To Join The Event :

Step 1 : Emilian needs to talk with Chief of Village in Uptown


Step 2 : Emilian need to find 1 Totem of Faith  in Acronia Northern Plains (dropped by Pururu) as a condition to enter the witch's territory


Step 3 : Afterwards, bring a totem to NPC Scarlet Wonka in Uptown, talk to her and say you need to kill a witch.


Step 4 : Emilian enter the first instance that filled with a lot of monsters that commanded by Lurie Witch. Try to killed all of monsters (solo mode), then go back to NPC Scarlet Wonka to submit your cleared quest. After that Emilian will be able to enter the final instance.


Step 5 : In final instance, you will meet a horrible Lurie Witch, she will attack you brutally. Kill her (party mode)


Step 6 : After killed the witch, submit your cleared quest to the hostage.
You will find a hostage then help him/her to and he/she will give you a reward (random)

 The Villager

*note :
1. You may exchange coin that dropped by Lurie Witch (1)  for 5 times chance gacha in this event through The Villager
2. Every rewards on this event will be obtained randomly if you use the "chance" option
3. For the option “exchange by drop item” you will definitely get the prize you want according to the number of drop items needed for the reward

4. You can save your Lurie Thorn to the wallet option thru NPC The Villager if you already done finish all the instances.


Main Monster

Instance I :

Steel Bat dropped 1 Lurie Thorn  

Venus   dropped 1 Lurie Thorn  

Final Instance II
Lurie Witch   dropped 1  Trick Coin