[updates] Weekly Quest


Duration : 

19th - 26th  August 2021


How to join the event :

  1. Go to downtown near East side staircase
  2. Talk to Alviss (Gold Quest), Bubblegum (Gathering Quest), Munchkin (Boss Hunting Quest)


Event Details :

  1. Each week the quest will be changed. 
  2. You can gain EXP normally or with a 2X ticket.
  3. Each quest can only be taken once per week.
  4. 2X ticket can be obtained from numerous ways (for now only from IM & Golden Pururu)
  5. You can only choose one (Job EXP or Base EXP).


Note: If the EXP didn’t go in try to change map first.

New Weekly Quest Detail : Weekly Quest for Lv 90 Up, This quest can only be taken by players whose level has reached 90 or more, this dungeon time limit are 120 minutes. Reward after finishing Weekly Quest For Lv 90 Up : 10.000.000 EXP and Gacha medal.
NOTE : every week the additional reward will be replaced except for EXP


How to take the Quest :

1 Go to Downtown and find NPC Munchkin.

2 talk with Munchkin, we added new option, Get Quest for Level 90, Enter Dungeon and, Exchange Hidden Orb.

Select Get Quest For Level 90 , press ( Take it )


4 After that a quest list box will appear, select Webing Feather, after you press ok, quest information will appear and you can immediately do the quest.


How to enter the Dungeon

1 talk again with muchkin select Enter Dungeon, at that time you will immediately be teleported to the dungeon.


How to claim the reward

1 Make sure the quest that you take has been completed.

2 talk with Munchkin, select Get Quest for level 90, after that you will get a Hidden Orb in your bag

 Hidden Orb

3 Talk with Munchkin again and select Exchange Hidden Orb, an option to use a 2x EXP ticket will appear which is optional, after all of this, you will immediately get your reward.

( If you want to take more EXP please select Yes, and don’t forget to bring your 2x EXP ticket )