[events] ECO Fashion Week (social media event)

Event Duration :

28th October – 4th November 2021


Event Details :

Show off your ECO FASHION!

How To Join The Event :

1. Player must join the official Discord of ECO New World

2. There is will be an event channel “eco-fashion-week”

3. Player need to send their screenshot of their ECO character on that channel

4. Allowed to use any the best costume you've got in ECO .

5. You can do a photoshot in wherever maps in ECO that you liked.

6. If you want to use any equipment from ECO on your artwork.

   Please attach the name of the item (ex :  hair intro, costume, acc, weapon and etc)

8. Player need to using this format to send their artwork

   - Title of their artwork

   - Name of the equipments (you can use from ECO or you can design your own equipment)

   - In Game Name/ID


9. GM/CM will decided 3 winners and 1 favorite winner (most voting with :heart:)


10. The winner announcement will posted on our official Discord & official Facebook Fanpage on 11th November 2021


Rewards :