[updates] How To Claim Pre-Reg & CBT Reward

Here is a guide to claim CBT & Pre-Reg Rewards

Step 1 : 

Go to Uptown and find NPC Lynette

Step 2 :

Left-click on the NPC then several options will appear. You can choose one of these options to determine what reward you get

Step 3 :

For example, if you choose “Take Pre Reg Reward” then a list of the rewards that you will get will be appear

*note :

- This applies to all the options listed in the bubble chat, because in each choice there will be a reward if your Account is already registered in our system

- Specifically for pre-reg rewards, only IGN that has been verified up to July 8, 2020 can get the reward.

- 1 Account only be able to claim the reward ONCE