[events] Good Deed of The Year Event

Good Deed of The Year Event!


From 31 December 2020 until 14 January 2021

How to join the event:

  1. Talk to Monk at Acronia Eastern Plains near School.
  2. Help Monk collecting New Year Ticket.

Event Details:

  1. New Year Ticket can be obtained from monster drop (not including box, treasure chest, metallic) at this map:
    • Lake Utena
    • Staff Desert
  2. The New Year Ticket is a party drop item.
  3. The “New Year Box” can be obtained from NPC Monk. Exchange New Year Ticket to New Year Box.
  4. Each day you can get 2 New Year tickets if you pray to the shrine next to NPC Monk.
  5. The prizes can only be claimed once per char (except the gift box).

How to redeem the reward:

  1. New Year tickets can be exchanged for prizes at NPC Monk
  2. New Year box can be exchanged for prizes at NPC Monk.