[events] Bug Hunter

Event Duration 

20 July 2020 - 1 August 2020 

Event Detail

Give photos/ Video of BUG that you encounter on our discord channel #bug-report. LINK Discord Eco New World :  with format below:


Bug : 

Photo or video link : 

IGN : 

How to reproduce bug :




Event Terms and Rules :

        Give your IGN (In Game Name) on the message

        Provide a clear and complete description of the BUG report along with how to encounter that BUG.

        BUG report that will be accepted :

·         BUG Visual

·         BUG Skill

·         BUG Item

·         BUG MAP (ex. Portal)

·         BUG NPC (Error) not including Typo

·         BUG FUNCTION (Item description, stats and skill points)

·         BUG Pet

        Typo is not included as a category of BUG HUNTERS, but we will be appreciated if you send us typo that you find so we can fix it too.

        The winner will be decided by who report the fastest and crucial BUG 

        The Winner will be announced at least 7 days after event end on our discrod channel

        Rewards will be distributed at the time of OBT

        Terms and rules are subject to change without prior notice.

Event Rewards :

-Flag Bug Hunter 


- Event Box