1Terms & Conditions In Game

2Attitude to contact with CM/GM ECO NW & Forum Rules

3Interacting with players.

4Privacy Policy

5Receiving Update News

6Session Cookies

7Binding Agreement

8General Data Protection Regulation

9Data Processing

10Privacy by Design

11Data Portability

12Right to Erase/ Delete

13Data Breaches

Important Notes
  • Punishments are only default penalties. But since every cases are different, penalties can vary depending on offense.
  • If player is continuously breaking same rule despite previous punishments, the penalty length will keep accumulating.
  • If player keeps breaking this rule on different characters, the consequences will still be accumulated.
  • Warnings do not have to be PM'd. If there is an Open Chat infraction, a warning may be given via Open Chat.
  • It's not mandatory for Staff member to warn player depending on the situation.